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Bel and the Cyborg - My latest project went live today!

 What is it about... Bel and the Cyborg is miniseries I produced specifically for the Publish0x platform. It takes place in the same world that Paradox Towers  does giving you a different view of the gritty streets of the near future. It is free to read here , so check it out!  Here is the art for the first episode down below.

Check out the new Paradox Tower cover art!

Finally updated! New cover art for the Paradox Towers Kindle Vella series! Paradox Tower Steel meets flesh in a battle of ideology and tech on the northside of New Charlotte. Cybernetically enhanced cultist have taken over a secretive corporate tower, and only one group has the ability to stop them. But, when the battle begins and bullets start flying, who is the real enemy?