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Kindle Vella is almost here

 Kindle Vella will be out soon... They have finally announced the date. Well, sort of. July is the targeted month, and from what I hear mid- July is when it will happen.  I can't wait to unveil what I've been working on when that date comes. Until then, I will continue to write my fan fiction and thoughts here. Thank everyone for their continued support!

The Lich King - Blades in the Dark

The Lich King - Blades in the Dark In the night can be seen between the stained wooden structures shadows of ill intent. They move within the darkness eyeing their target not knowing he was toying with them. I knew their fate before they drew their first blade. Why did they come for me? That is the question. My hand was already resting upon the hilt of my sword, ready to plunge it deep within the gut of the first attacker.  Closer they move. Soon, my steel will be ever so closer. I could tell by the sound of their steps this was custom for them. However, hunting down bastards such as these was mine also. The first one moves only to be met with the sizzle of my ward. Ha, the realization that their mark wasn't such an easy one. My sword finds its way into the Khajiit's stomach as it's arm's flail in vain to escape it. To oblivion I commit your ghost. You and all the rest shall find the same fate. May the Daedra you serve have mercy upon you. As soon as I left the tavern I

The Lich King by Patrick Barber II (Elder Scrolls Fan Fiction)

The Lich King Part 1 by Patrick Barber II Within the stone citadels of the northern countries lie a place hidden within desolate lands forgotten. A place where seldom tread but many tell tales of this land of utter isolation. It was a moment of revelation when I heard of this place. Sitting deep within a tavern lost behind drink and reverie I overheard a robed gentleman speaking of a land filled with wondrous treasure. A land of Nordic ancestry filled with mist and vaporous shadow. Yes, this place he said was filled with adventure and wealth to fill one's pockets. I began to edge my seat ever so closer as he began his drunken rant. "Aye! It was treasure everywhere I looked I tell ya" -hiccup- "enough to fill yer pockets till you couldn't carry no more. If yer good with an axe or sword you'd find yer way fine. I didn't go that deep mind ya... I've heard tale of the one they call the "dreaded". They say he be the king in those dark lands. So w

Update 6/5/2021

 Content Soon I have ventured into the world of fan fiction. Soon, I will be posting some of my writings here on my blog. These will be short stories based upon worlds that I find interesting.  Ideas are a constantly flowing so I hope you are entertained from what I post here. And of course, my new project will be launching with Kindle Vella  soon. Once that happens, I will let you know here first. Thank you for your continued support!