Check out the new Paradox Tower cover art!

Finally updated! New cover art for the Paradox Towers Kindle Vella series! Paradox Tower Steel meets flesh in a battle of ideology and tech on the northside of New Charlotte. Cybernetically enhanced cultist have taken over a secretive corporate tower, and only one group has the ability to stop them. But, when the battle begins and bullets start flying, who is the real enemy?

Cosmic Thought

Cosmic Thought by Patrick Barber II The void of space calls us all from beyond the veil of the ancient blue. Some heed its call while others theorize and fantasize about the place above our heads. A place of imagination where impossible things become possible, and fantastical worlds of technology and origin can be found. What is this place? What secrets are hidden within the "pearls of the dark sea"? Assumptions are made to their origins. We assume we know how they were made, but who can know such things? Thoughts I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Putting together my thoughts and entering strange lands that are alien to the environments of this planet. Be that as it may; as foreign as they may seem there is something familiar about them. These strange lands filled with ancient structures; mad intelligences of synthetic origin that have evolved into biological function. Where will my pen take the reader? Where does my imagination now float? All Things Are Spiritual

First 3 Episodes of Paradox Tower can be read for FREE!

 You can read the 1st 3 episodes of Paradox Tower for free here !

Introducing my new series, "Paradox Tower", available now on Kindle Vella!

 Paradox Tower Released Today With Kindle Vella! It's finally out! After long last Kindle Vella is here, and with it is my latest project Paradox Tower ! Below is the description for me latest work: Cyborg cultist have taken over the ProtoGenesis Tower located on the outskirts of New Charlotte. Activated during the dead of night, the elite unit known as Cursor is dispatched via helicopter to the top of the tower. Unaware of the machinations beneath, can they stop the madness before more innocents are hurt, or will they fall prey to the coming shadow? I am so excited to see it's release! New episodes are added every week so make sure you follow the story. Thank you all for your support and I hope you enjoy it! Read the first 3 episodes for free here !

It's almost here- Kindle Vella is imminent!

 The Shadow In The Light It's almost here... the day I have been waiting on. Kindle Vella is set to open up next week and my latest project will be launching on the platform. I wish I could say more... but I will be announcing the project (hopefully) the day the platform launches live. It has been a journey for me, but I am proud of the work that has been done. Excited and looking forward to all the readers finally getting to check out my new work. For now, I will have to remain quiet. But in a few days you will all have access to my latest project. Thank you all for your continued support!

Kindle Vella is almost here

 Kindle Vella will be out soon... They have finally announced the date. Well, sort of. July is the targeted month, and from what I hear mid- July is when it will happen.  I can't wait to unveil what I've been working on when that date comes. Until then, I will continue to write my fan fiction and thoughts here. Thank everyone for their continued support!