Rax of Xolen, book 2 in the Echoes of the Ancients Series has just been released!

Rax of Xolen Rax of Xolen by Patrick Barber II Description In this gripping sequel to "Echoes of the Ancients," the fate of the Xolen Union hangs in the balance as Rax embarks on a perilous journey to unravel the mysteries of the Old Ones' technology. In a world where ancient power intertwines with advanced cybernetics, Rax finds himself caught between the echoes of the past and a future on the brink of chaos. As the Old Ones' technology becomes an integral part of everyday life, innovation and transformation abound. Rax, alongside his team of cybernetically enhanced scientists, strives to integrate this newfound power with the Xolen Union's way of life. However, when unsettling occurrences plague the arcologies and spectral echoes whisper of forgotten truths, Rax must delve deeper into the ancient secrets to restore balance and protect his people. But as Rax uncovers the hidden knowledge and confronts the specters of the past, he encounters an unexpected adversar

Tear of Destiny has been released on Kindle Unlimited!

 Tear of Destiny "Tear of Destiny" is the first enthralling installment in the "Sargon's Keep" series, a spiritual adventure saga that plunges readers into a cosmic battlefield of light and darkness. This riveting narrative introduces Star, a courageous Son of the Light, chosen to embark on a perilous mission into the corrupted kingdom of Sargon. Once a realm of celestial beauty, Sargon now stands tainted, under the oppressive rule of Drakmin, the demonic despot. The story begins as Star steps into the ancient town of Tear, the gateway into this realm of shadow and fear, laden with the destiny of restoring light to a land shrouded in darkness. Throughout his journey, Star navigates a myriad of trials. He forges alliances with a covert resistance, battles the formidable Dreadful One, overcomes demon-guarded checkpoints, and faces off against the wicked wizard Krx in a towering stronghold. All while exploring a town that bears the beautiful scars of a bygone era

Veiled Whispers is available on Kindle Vella!

Veiled Whispers Veiled Whispers by Patrick Barber II About my latest project: "Veiled Whispers" is a chilling tale set in the quaint town of Arkham, where a sinister force known as The Terror awakens from a cosmic prison, spreading chaos and despair amongst the unsuspecting townsfolk. Dr. Jonathan Harper, a courageous occultist, unearths fragments of forbidden knowledge that lead him to confront this eldritch horror. As he delves deeper into the mysteries and confronts The Terror, the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur. Driven by his duty to protect Arkham, Dr. Harper engages in a dangerous journey, uncovering the true nature of The Terror and the cataclysmic consequences that await if it remains unchecked. With each encounter, the battle against The Terror intensifies, leading to a final confrontation in the depths of an abandoned cathedral. As the cosmic horror is banished, the town is left with a lingering sense of dread, a reminder of the unfathomable horrors t

New book released via Kindle - Echoes of the Ancients!

  Description of my latest project, Echoes of the Ancients! In "Echoes of the Ancients," delve into a captivating tale that combines mystery, adventure, and the wonders of an ancient civilization. Rax, an intrepid explorer driven by his insatiable curiosity, stumbles upon a hidden entrance deep within a dense jungle. Little does he know that this discovery will forever alter the course of his life. Descending into the darkness, Rax uncovers a sprawling underground city bathed in an ethereal glow. Towering architecture and intricate designs leave him in awe as he cautiously explores the abandoned metropolis. What he initially perceives as a relic of a forgotten era soon reveals itself to be a testament to a highly advanced civilization that once thrived beneath the surface of the Earth. As Rax ventures further, he discovers a hidden chamber, revealing a room adorned with mysterious symbols and ancient machinery. A peculiar control panel at the center emanates a soft hum, drawi

Vampiric Darkness - It's out now!

It's finally live, Vampiric Darkness has been released! The paranormal romance I have been working on is done! Well, at least the first episode. The description is below: Within the night roams a darkness hidden within the shadows. Enter the mind of this darkness, as he hunts, grows, and builds. Walk with him thru love, hurt, and warfare deep within an urban jungle to learn his ultimate fate and the consequences of his actions. It's live now on Kindle Vella, new episodes every week! Read it here now!

New project - something different!

For those who follow me... I have a new project that is different from what I have done before in the past. Let's say it involves a modern setting in a paranormal sense. There may be some vampires, some romance... and a dog that knows Kung-Fu (maybe not that last part, but I'm still on the fence about it). Once it is published I will post the link to the Kindle Vella page here. It is episodic content that I am sure you will love. Hahahaha...

Bel and the Cyborg - My latest project went live today!

 What is it about... Bel and the Cyborg is miniseries I produced specifically for the Publish0x platform. It takes place in the same world that Paradox Towers  does giving you a different view of the gritty streets of the near future. It is free to read here , so check it out!  Here is the art for the first episode down below.