The Lich King by Patrick Barber II (Elder Scrolls Fan Fiction)

The Lich King

Part 1

by Patrick Barber II

Within the stone citadels of the northern countries lie a place hidden within desolate lands forgotten. A place where seldom tread but many tell tales of this land of utter isolation.

It was a moment of revelation when I heard of this place. Sitting deep within a tavern lost behind drink and reverie I overheard a robed gentleman speaking of a land filled with wondrous treasure.

A land of Nordic ancestry filled with mist and vaporous shadow. Yes, this place he said was filled with adventure and wealth to fill one's pockets. I began to edge my seat ever so closer as he began his drunken rant.

"Aye! It was treasure everywhere I looked I tell ya" -hiccup- "enough to fill yer pockets till you couldn't carry no more. If yer good with an axe or sword you'd find yer way fine. I didn't go that deep mind ya... I've heard tale of the one they call the "dreaded". They say he be the king in those dark lands. So we grabbed our treasure and got outta've dodge!"

On and on he went about treasure and wealth, and danger and stealth. Apparently he was a member of the local Thieves Guild chapter. They hired him to "fiddle" with some locks. The proposition sounds good. However, the end was hardly discernible. He was drunker then a sailor at port in Imperial City. I heard enough. From the information he gave I was able to get a good idea about the general area in which he operated.

Being a Spellsword I had no fear of daedra or mortal. The mundane or the ethereal had no control over my thoughts. I was a man of the finer sciences. Magic was only as good as the steel that backed it. I had both.

I knew I had to find someone to take me to the frozen country. The path may be treacherous but I dealt in those things. With another sip from my cup I lean back in my seat. While there I visualize the future and the path up north to my wealth and destiny.


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