The Lich King - Blades in the Dark

The Lich King - Blades in the Dark

The Lich King - Elder Scrolls Fan Fiction

In the night can be seen between the stained wooden structures shadows of ill intent. They move within the darkness eyeing their target not knowing he was toying with them. I knew their fate before they drew their first blade.

Why did they come for me? That is the question. My hand was already resting upon the hilt of my sword, ready to plunge it deep within the gut of the first attacker. 

Closer they move. Soon, my steel will be ever so closer. I could tell by the sound of their steps this was custom for them. However, hunting down bastards such as these was mine also. The first one moves only to be met with the sizzle of my ward.

Ha, the realization that their mark wasn't such an easy one. My sword finds its way into the Khajiit's stomach as it's arm's flail in vain to escape it. To oblivion I commit your ghost. You and all the rest shall find the same fate. May the Daedra you serve have mercy upon you.

As soon as I left the tavern I knew they were following me. The local Fighter's Guild posted a bounty on their heads. These were Daedra serving cultist that thrived off of destruction and chaos. Now they have met their match. 

No need for shield's today. Fire and steel will be enough for this pack. Out of one hand flies the flames of retribution and in my right hand I carry the steel of justice. My steel sword found much pleasure in tearing through the bodies of my enemies. Their screams filled the air as some caught by fire realized the limits of their abilities. 

A spark flies by my head. One of them is trained in the arcane arts. Good, I thought this night would be a quick one. Maybe this dance has gotten a little bit more interesting. Turning around I take a look at my new partner.

Dressed in dark robes a beautiful high elf stands before me, features illuminated by the energies wielded within her hands. A blast of energy presses against my ward. I can feel a small bit of pressure as the force causes me to refocus my balance.

However, I took this job to get paid. That means every last one of these cultist will pay the price in blood. So as good as this battle feels right now it must come to an end.

I flick away her spells with the wave of my hand. Making the gesture of power I silence her ability to project magic. Sadly, her level was far beneath that of a student of the Arcane University. A student from the university is far beneath the level of a Spellsword of my order.

That said, what happened next was no surprise. With a look of terror she began to turn. However, as she was turning a wall of flame engulfs her screaming body.

Trips to Skyrim are not cheap. I require the whole bounty. In light of that truth, not one of the cultist escaped that night. Tomorrow morning I go to collect my bounty. After that my next destination will be Skyrim.


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