About Patrick Barber II

Patrick Barber II

Author, musician, martial artist and family man Patrick Barber II has lived well. An Emerging Writer with The Author's Guild, having experienced many things in life give a unique perspective to not only his writings, but his way of living life itself.

Son of motivational speaker and writer Patrick Barber Sr., the gift of story has been passed on from generation to generation.

The author of the Book of Labors: The Silver Prophecy, Paradox Tower and various science fiction series which range from high fantasy to cyberpunk, he has a love for the epic yet an eye for the mundane. Mixing fantastic settings and places with a realism and candor found in the real world.

From heroes to villains, and those that fall somewhere in between Patrick Barber II was inspired by the tales told to him by his elders and the intriguing things found in regular day to day life.

His works are available in various marketplaces but can be found on the Amazon Kindle at the links below. Also, if you are interested in his works and his books (along with details), they can be found on this blog along with various assorted writings and musings.

As he does not currently use social media, this is the best place to keep up with him, his thoughts and his writings.

His works can be found in the works section of the site here.

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