Book and Works

 Books and Works

Below is a living list of books and works that I have worked on along with a brief description of them and in some cases a link to them. 

Paradox Tower


Cyborg cultist have taken over the ProtoGenesis Tower located on the outskirts of New Charlotte. Activated during the dead of night, the elite unit known as Cursor is dispatched via helicopter to the top of the tower. Unaware of the machinations beneath, can they stop the madness before more innocents are hurt, or will they fall prey to the coming shadow?

Read the first 3 chapters for free here!

The Book of Labors: The Silver Prophecy


"When the bird of prey shall rise and the land is covered in shadow, when flesh and blood shall weep and the scourge walk the land…"

Within the ancient woods of Old Man's Forest trains a young warrior unaware of the role he plays in Red Flame's destiny.

A dark mist floats from a silver tower beyond the veil of this man's consciousness. A prophecy will be spoken, a gift given, and a destiny forged by the will of the warrior.

A book to decide the fate of the people. The beginning of an epic quest.

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