Tear of Destiny has been released on Kindle Unlimited!

 Tear of Destiny

"Tear of Destiny" is the first enthralling installment in the "Sargon's Keep" series, a spiritual adventure saga that plunges readers into a cosmic battlefield of light and darkness.

This riveting narrative introduces Star, a courageous Son of the Light, chosen to embark on a perilous mission into the corrupted kingdom of Sargon. Once a realm of celestial beauty, Sargon now stands tainted, under the oppressive rule of Drakmin, the demonic despot. The story begins as Star steps into the ancient town of Tear, the gateway into this realm of shadow and fear, laden with the destiny of restoring light to a land shrouded in darkness.

Throughout his journey, Star navigates a myriad of trials. He forges alliances with a covert resistance, battles the formidable Dreadful One, overcomes demon-guarded checkpoints, and faces off against the wicked wizard Krx in a towering stronghold. All while exploring a town that bears the beautiful scars of a bygone era yet is twisted by the insidious forces of darkness.

Blending the profound storytelling of C.S. Lewis and John Bunyan with the atmospheric elements of Dark Souls, "Tear of Destiny" immerses readers in a world where the spiritual stakes are high, and the battles waged are not just for earthly kingdoms but the very planes of the cosmos.

The book is a tale of unwavering faith, courage, and resilience in the face of formidable adversity. It challenges the dichotomy of good and evil and reminds us of the potent power of light that prevails even in the face of overwhelming darkness. As Star forges ahead on his divine mission, readers are bound to resonate with his journey, teetering on the edge of despair and hope.

"Tear of Destiny" lays the foundation for a series that promises an epic adventure through spiritual realms, where celestial warriors clash, dark powers conspire, and the fate of spiritual planes hangs in the balance. Get ready to delve into an unforgettable journey that tests the essence of courage and faith.

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