Veiled Whispers is available on Kindle Vella!

Veiled Whispers

Veiled Whispers - by Patrick Barber II
Veiled Whispers by Patrick Barber II

About my latest project:

"Veiled Whispers" is a chilling tale set in the quaint town of Arkham, where a sinister force known as The Terror awakens from a cosmic prison, spreading chaos and despair amongst the unsuspecting townsfolk. Dr. Jonathan Harper, a courageous occultist, unearths fragments of forbidden knowledge that lead him to confront this eldritch horror. As he delves deeper into the mysteries and confronts The Terror, the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur. Driven by his duty to protect Arkham, Dr. Harper engages in a dangerous journey, uncovering the true nature of The Terror and the cataclysmic consequences that await if it remains unchecked. With each encounter, the battle against The Terror intensifies, leading to a final confrontation in the depths of an abandoned cathedral. As the cosmic horror is banished, the town is left with a lingering sense of dread, a reminder of the unfathomable horrors that exist beyond human comprehension. "Veiled Whispers" explores themes of heroism, the struggle against the unknown, and the price one must pay to protect the fragile balance between darkness and light.


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