Cosmic Thought

Cosmic Thought

by Patrick Barber II

Cosmic Thought - written by Patrick Barber II

The void of space calls us all from beyond the veil of the ancient blue. Some heed its call while others theorize and fantasize about the place above our heads. A place of imagination where impossible things become possible, and fantastical worlds of technology and origin can be found.

What is this place? What secrets are hidden within the "pearls of the dark sea"? Assumptions are made to their origins. We assume we know how they were made, but who can know such things?


I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Putting together my thoughts and entering strange lands that are alien to the environments of this planet. Be that as it may; as foreign as they may seem there is something familiar about them.

These strange lands filled with ancient structures; mad intelligences of synthetic origin that have evolved into biological function. Where will my pen take the reader? Where does my imagination now float?

All Things Are Spiritual

There is something spiritual about space. Something almost mystical and otherworldly. As I write down my thoughts I wonder if others would like to see them? 

In time we shall see... 


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