Working with Kindle Vella

 New Cyberpunk Project Coming To Kindle Vella

Cyberpunk Series on Kindle Vella Coming Soon

Well... I see a tremendous opportunity to write for an awesome platform that is launching soon. Kindle Vella is going to be something big, and after doing my due diligence and research I believe I have some new content that will work with this form of storytelling.

Kindle Vella centers around episodic fiction provided to the reader bit by bit. Think of it like having your own show and you're the director. You're releasing a new episode on your schedule and timing for readers to enjoy.

The story has already been approved with multiple episodes already pending for when the platform launches. I can't reveal the name here of the series yet (I would love to, but the moment it goes live I will). It's a work of love and it marries two of my favorite subjects: Cyberpunk and Special Operations. So... I will be posting more about this soon. Love ya'll!


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