The UnderVerse NFT Collection

UnderVerse NFT Collection

In order to promote my upcoming sequel to The Book of Labors: The Silver Prophecy, I am releasing a NFT of some of the concepts that went into producing the characters and entities that populate the UnderVerse as mentioned in the book.

I am not going to spoil the plot, or anything of that nature... but, a lot of the new book does take place in the UnderVerse against creatures and entities of all sorts. 

These NFT's are collectibles and are sold individually on OpenSea. You can access the collection via clicking the link below or the image.

Remember, many NFT's are created with no real world connection, or a direction for their future growth. Everything I produce will be within works, books, and various other mediums over time giving my NFT's the backing of a name and properties that will grow over time.

View the collection here

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